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Milangu Community School and Literacy Program – 2018


Milangu Community School and Literacy Program

Children in the rural areas of Africa face many challenges in their everyday life, and their ability to go to school and perform well suffers as a result. Most families in the rural areas earn less than $5 a month, making it impossible to pay for school supplies, school uniforms, and for the required school fees at government schools ($35 a trimester). In addition, many children have to walk several miles to and from school and have no food to eat all day. Those are only a few of the factors preventing children in the rural areas from having an opportunity to get a good education.

In 2015, It Starts With Soccer (ISWS) funded the construction of a primary school in an area of rural Zambia, called Milangu, to provide the local children with their first opportunity at a free education. The school, called Milangu Community School & Literacy Program is now providing an education to over a hundred children a year. Unlike the government schools in Zambia, Milangu Community School does not charge school fees or require uniforms.  Milangu Community School also provides the children with much needed school supplies and a daily meal.

While the school has its challenges due to the extreme poverty in the area, ISWS is constantly working with the community to create a sustainable environment for the school. This process takes time, and in the interim ISWS continues to support Milangu Community School through development projects. In 2017, ISWS funded improvements to the existing school structure and set up a school board.

The goal of 2018 is to continue to reinforce the sustainability of Milangu Community School. All the funds raised will go towards the teacher’s salary, school supplies, upkeep and repairs, the garden, and the installation of a well to provide the children with clean water for drinking.

We are asking you to support our work in Milangu and our goal of helping under-served children break out of the cycle of poverty so they can lead successful and prosperous lives. With your support we can make a difference. Please take comfort in knowing that 100% of your donations will go directly to the Milangu Community School project and will impact the lives of many children.

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