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What's a Soccer Clinic?

During our soccer clinics, we work with 40 boys or girls for 3 hours, using soccer as a way to provide them with the tools necessary to be successful in school and in their communities. Our clinics are divided into 3 sessions: warm-ups, individual skills and teamwork drills and the children are provided instruction before, during and after each session. In addition to instruction, the children are provided with soccer balls, refreshments, school supplies and for every $30 raised over the $200 necessary to run the clinics, we award scholarships for one semester of school fees for our clinics’ top performers.

How does a Soccer Clinic help?

The children at our soccer clinics learn the importance of good decision making, developing individual talents and working together as a team and how those skills can translate to success in the classroom and in the community. Our clinics provide incentive to do well in school, as participants are required to maintain a “C” average or above in order to attend. Most schools in Africa require students to pay for tuition, school uniforms and supplies. Many children can not afford these expenses and end up dropping out of school. We help ease the burden on these children and their families by providing them with school supplies and scholarships.

How you can Sponsor a Clinic

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Sponsor a Clinic

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