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Education Through Farming


This summer, my mom and I are going to help build a sustainable school farm in a rural community outside Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The goal of these farms is to break the cycle of poverty by educating children on how to make a business out of farming. Proceeds from farm sales will provide the schools with food for lunches, school supplies for all students and feminine hygiene products for female students. The school farm consists of a large fenced in area with a cow enclosure (or kraal), a goat kraal, and a chicken coop. Each farm starts with 50 chickens, 10 goats, and 2 cows.

I’m graduating from high school in June and plan to attend UT Austin for civil engineering. I’m so grateful for the excellent education I’ve had as well as the opportunity to go to college and study a field I’m excited about. The children in rural Zimbabwe have to walk an average of 6-10 miles one way, and go 12-14 hours without eating in order to attend school. I have no idea what this is like but I want to learn more and I want to help. I hope that my future as an engineer will reflect this mission trip as I solve critical problems and help others, both on an individual and global level.

One sustainable school farm includes animals, fencing, cow and goat kraals, chicken coop, feed and vaccinations. Please consider a donation to fund this important project.


Tim Mixon Donated $250.00
Nilda Garcia Donated $100.00
Randall and Kathy Hill Donated $100.00
Sharon Shelton Donated $50.00

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