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Kayla’s Medical Clinic Project


Dear Friends & Family,

On June 15th, I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Zimbabwe, where I will be working for two weeks in the rural community of Batoka.  I will be working alongside my cousin Doug Brown as well as other volunteers as a part of a non-profit organization he started, called It Starts With Soccer. I’m going to be assisting this community in many areas during my trip, but I’m most excited about the opportunity to work at a new medical clinic that It Starts With Soccer has just finished building in the area.

Batoka Medical Clinic  is so crucial to the community of Batoka and the surrounding communities, because they are located 40+ miles away from the closest city or hospital. While to most Americans, 40 miles may seem average, but to the people of Batoka and surrounding communities, 40 miles can mean life or death. Batoka is a very rural and poor community and thus the local people do not own cars or have transportation. Walking is often the only option, but that creates more challenges.  It’s difficult to walk when they are too ill, injured or weak. They also face the threat of wild animals and weather extremes.  Unfortunately, walking for hours and days to the closest city, often results in needless deaths from the most simple illnesses and injuries (malaria, snake bites, infections and fractures).

My goal for this trip is to help supply Batoka Medical Clinic with much needed medical supplies.  This is a project that will literally save lives. Although the clinic has been built and the government of Zimbabwe is providing the nurses to run it, raising money for the clinic is still imperative as it still is in desperate need of medical equipment, furniture, (beds and desks) and any remaining medical supplies.

This project really hits home with me, because as an EMT, I am able to drive my patients to nearby hospitals here in Florida without worrying about dangers or lengthy delays getting them to safety. Being able to provide the necessary medical supplies to the clinic and  to this rural area would help save the lives of so many people and provide comfort to all the members of these communities.

I’m asking all of you to help me make a lasting difference in these communities by donating to my fundraising project. It Starts With Soccer is a volunteer-run organization and 100% of the money I raise will go directly to my project.

Thank you all and God bless!


Jennifer Pena Donated $25.00
Tina Taylor Donated $300.00
Jon & Toni Coffee Donated $300.00
Spike & Ellie & Ellie Donated $100.00

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