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Batoka Medical Clinic


Ben and I are so excited to travel to Zimbabwe this June and volunteer in the rural community of Batoka. The medical clinic is in its final stages of construction and will be the first and only clinic in the area. Batoka is over 40 miles from the nearest city and hospital. Without a vehicle, obtaining medical care requires days of traveling on foot along rough and unsafe trails. The reality is that most of those in need go without care, and many die an unnecessary death from treatable illnesses and injury such as malaria, dysentery, snake bites, infections and fractures. The Batoka Medical Clinic will provide a lifeline to the men, women and children in this impoverished community. It Starts with Soccer will work with other nonprofits to supply much-needed medications, and the government of Zimbabwe will provide the medical staff. However, the clinic is still in need of essential  equipment and furniture such as beds, desks and medical supplies.

I am so grateful for my career — every day I get to walk into one of the most beautiful medical facilities in the US, and care for children with the best technology available, along side incredibly talented physicians and nurses. My kids and I have access to arguably the best medical care in the world. I’m passionate about paying it forward, and bringing the most basic health care to those in need. Please consider a donation to this critical project.


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