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Sarah’s Zimbabwe Project


Hello Friends!!

I wanted to tell you about an exciting adventure that I’m about to embark on and I would love your help in making it a success!  As most of you know, I’m not one to ask for much…..but today…I’m asking!  I’m headed to Zimbabwe in mid May, where I will be spending two weeks donating my time, energy, compassion, and money to help revitalize a primary school in desperate need of repairs, while also providing it’s students with an opportunity to get a good education.  The school I will be helping is called Masuwe Primary School. It  has an enrollment of 174 children (ages 3 – 12), and it is located in an impoverished area outside of Victoria Falls.

The reason this project is so important is that most children born into poverty will remain in poverty, unless they have opportunities to succeed. The first step to breaking out of the cycle of poverty is getting a good education. In communities like Masuwe, there are many challenges that limit education. Text books and school supplies are expensive and not provided by the government in Zimbabwe, and with the average family earning less than $5 a month, there is no money to spare for these items. If the children are fortunate, they might have a few text books per class that they can share. At Masuwe Primary, the ratio of textbooks to students is currently 1 textbook per 12 students.  The result of having so few educational tools at school is that the children remain illiterate and have no opportunity to move on to a higher education.

Additionally, the learning environment at schools in areas like Masuwe are often very poor. Once school structures begin to fall apart, the government does not provide the necessary repairs. Floors, roofs, walls, doors, windows, all slowly fall apart, and once the existing school blocks start to fall into disrepair, the children in the area no longer have a place to get an education… Without a school, their chance at a successful life is even less likely to become a reality.

My project at Masuwe Primary School is a comprehensive one, and will include repairing and refurbishing the school buildings; fixing the cracked and chipped concrete floors; plastering the walls; replacing broken and/or missing windows and doors; installing new blackboards; and repainting the interior and exterior of the school buildings.  Additionally, I will be helping the children directly, by providing them with new text books, school supplies, desks, and chairs, so that they have the necessary educational tools to be successful at school.

My goal is to raise enough funds to complete my project, and to achieve my goal, I am asking for you to join me in this worthy endeavor and help fund my project through donations.  It’s important to note that 100% of my donations received, will go directly to my project.

I am going on this journey with a close friend, but I hope that each of you will also join us and take part in this worthy endeavor. While you may not be there with us in person, your donation would be no less important to our success and to the positive outcomes we will have on the lives of the children at Masuwe Primary School in Zimbabwe.

Please watch the video below to get a better understanding of who your donations will be helping and how they will make a difference.  My goal is to raise $4000.  Won’t you help me?!  These beautiful children will be forever grateful.  I look so forward to this experience and have no idea what to expect, but I suspect I will want to go back and do it again!  Thank you so much for taking the time read this and click the Donate button :). No gift too small or large, just give what you can.

Thank you to all my friends and family!  Love you!!


Masuwe Primary School Project - 2019


Stacey Young Donated $40.00
Caroling Lee Donated $50.00
Susan Dezelle Donated $30.00
Michelle Wigg Donated $15.00

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