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Tiffany’s Zimbabwe Project – Providing a Brighter Future to Children in Need


Hi Y’all,

I am very excited to inform you that this May I will be heading to Zimbabwe to help a local school in need. Masuwe Primary School is located in the rural areas outside of Victoria Falls, and has an enrollment of 174 children (ages 3 – 12). The school is in an impoverished area and is in desperate need of repairs, refurbishment, and replenishment.

My project this May is multi-faceted, and will include repairing and refurbishing the school buildings. I will be fixing the cracked and chipped concrete floors, plastering the walls, replacing broken or missing windows and doors, installing new blackboards, and repainting the interior and exterior of the school buildings. These repairs are critical, because the government of Zimbabwe does not help with maintaining or repairing schools. Particularly schools in the rural areas. Once school blocks start to fall into disrepair, the children in the area have no place to go to get an education. Their only hope is through the kindness and generosity of others.

Aside from revitalizing the school structures, I will be helping the children directly, by providing them new text books, school supplies, desks, and chairs. Schools in the rural areas are often neglected in terms of having learning resources.  Text books and school supplies are expensive and not provided by the government in Zimbabwe, and with the average family earning less than $5 a month, there is no money to spare for these items. If the children are fortunate, they might have a few text books per class that they can share. At Masuwe Primary, the ratio of textbooks to students is currently 1 textbook per 12 students.  The result of having so few educational tools at school is that the children remain illiterate.

My project at Masuwe Primary School will provide the children of the this area with a better learning environment; an opportunity to receive a better education; and a chance at a more successful life.

My goal is to raise enough funds to complete my project, and by doing this, spread joy and hope to this sweet school.  To achieve my goal, I am asking for you to join me in this worthy endeavor and help fund my project through donations.  It’s important to note that 100% of my donations received, will go to my project.

I have been inspired to do this by my work in the children’s hospital, by my colleagues that have completed trips similar to this before me, and also by the #pimpinjoy movement created by my favorite radio morning show, The Bobby Bones Show. I believe by trying to find joy, and choose joy, every day, I am then able to spread joy to others. And I believe this project can do just that!

Please check out the video below, so you can see the school that your money will be directly helping. Please donate what you can to help fund my project, and help turn this school in need, into a school of hope.

Thank you so much!


Masuwe Primary School Project - 2019


Doug Brown Donated $150.00

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