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Building School Farms in Zimbabwe


We will be funding, building and seeding sustainable small school-farms with chickens, goats and cows in rural areas outside Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Through these school-farms, middle school students will learn how to care for livestock and how to create a business from the eggs and milk products that these animals provide. It’s harder to learn anything when you are hungry. An immediate bonus is that these students who walk several miles to and from school will have food to eat while at school. Some students in these rural villages will have the opportunity to continue their formal education beyond middle school. A greater number will not. Our school-farms provide another path out of poverty and hunger. Students who graduate from these programs will leave with what they need to create their own farm, giving them a sustainable way to live and thrive in their villages.

Will you partner with us in bringing the tools for success to a new generation of young farmers in rural Zimbabwe? It will take construction materials, labor costs and a little livestock to get things rolling. A contribution of any size provides the momentum towards a sustainable future with food and community at its heart.


WUMC Members Donated $600.00
Dean & Kari Weidmann Donated $300.00
Mara Weidmann Donated $50.00
Sherri Bowen Donated $100.00

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