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Zimbabwe Trip!


Hey y’all!

On May 25th,  I will be traveling to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for two weeks with a group of volunteers from Westlake United Methodist Church, and we will be working with It Starts With Soccer to build school farms at rural secondary schools. Not only will these farms teach children how to make a living out of farming, but they are also self-sustaining farms that will provide the schools with much needed food and school supplies for the children (through the proceeds made from the sale of eggs, milk and meat).

Why is this farm project so important? Most children in rural Africa do not have the means to go on to a higher education, so they find it hard to make a living and provide for a family after graduating. This leads to a life of poverty. Also, most children in the rural areas only eat once in the morning and once in the evening. They go most of the day without food and the schools cannot afford to provide lunch.  Aside from the health problems this causes, it also makes it hard for the children concentrate on what they are learning at school. The farms we are building will help break the cycle of poverty in these rural areas outside of Victoria Falls. While in Zimbabwe, our group will also be visiting other schools, communities and a medical clinic, helping out in any way we are able to (providing school supplies, medical supplies and imparting knowledge).

I would appreciate any donation you can provide to help fund this beautiful journey that I will be taking on and help me make a difference in the lives of others. I know this journey will not only help the children in rural Zimbabwe, but it will make a tremendous mark in my life. Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!


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