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A new leg for Friday

A new leg for Friday – It Starts With Soccer – VIDEO

While the primary focus of our work in Africa is children, we have taken on a unique and special side project born out of our personal experiences in Zimbabwe. Having worked in Zimbabwe for many years, we have seen firsthand the results of political intimidation and violence that Zimbabwean’s face on a daily basis. Many Zimbabwean’s, of all ages, that have lost their limbs as a result of this violence. With our organization having a strong medical background, we reached out to our friends in the medical community in the US and found that with their help we could provide some of these victims with the ability to walk again. Friday, was one of these victims. He lost his leg during a farm takeover and was unable to walk for that past few years. The loss of his leg also meant he could no longer work and could not provide an income for his family. When we met Friday, he and his family were being evicted from the home he built on the farm he had worked for years. Now, after we provided him with a new leg, he is able to walk again. In addition, Friday is working again and his family was able to keep their home. This video is of Friday’s first time to walk on his new prosthesis without using a crutch.



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