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Education is the engine of development and where there is a lack of education, development is stunted.

School supplies

School supplies are an essential need for the children we serve in Africa. It is not uncommon to have 6 students to one text book and students sharing the use of pens, pencils and paper. Secondary school children are learning calculus and physics without the use of a calculator and computers are almost non-existent in rural areas. We provide school supplies to meet the needs of the schools we serve. A set of 30 textbooks for a classroom can be as low as $60.

School desks

School desks built for one student, are commonly occupied by 3 or 4 students in African schools. Other schools don’t have desks at all. They may have benches or sit on the floor. We can provide the schools we serve with school desks for as low as $70 per desk.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds may not be commonly associated with schools in Western countries, but many schools that we work with in Africa, serve as a home and place of refuge for homeless children and/or children with disabilities. Bunk beds, mattresses and bedding can be expensive for these schools to provide on their own, at about $100 per bed.

Food supplies

Food supplies are necessary to provide proper nutrition to children at orphanages and schools, facilitating normal cognitive, behavioral and physical development. The food supplies that we commonly provide orphanages and schools include rice and maize meal, fresh fruits and vegetables, and livestock such as chickens and cows. Food costs vary based on the number of children being served.